Megan Racing Reinforced Engine Mounts Miata NA/NB (90-05) MRS-MZ-0740

Megan Racing Reinforced Engine Mounts Miata NA/NB (90-05) MRS-MZ-0740

Megan Racing

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  • Hardended rubber - 70A Durometer


The MX-5 Miata is a small roadster with minimal necessary weight and mechanical complexity. The MX-5 was designed with a traditional front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout and four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension. It has a longitudinally-mounted four cylinder engine which made the car very spirited.

The body is a conventional, but very light, unibody shell or "monocoque", with a (detachable) rear subframe. The MX-5 also incorporates a unique trusswork whih minimized flex and created a tight, responsive feel. Many MX-5s feature limited slip differentials and anti-lock braking system. 

With an approximate 50:50 front/rear weight balance, the car has very neutral handling, which makes it easy to drive for the beginner, and fun for the advanced driver. Inducing oversteer is easy and very controllable, thus making the MX-5 a popular choice.

Although the Miata had tons of potential, it is refined and well mannered, comfortable to drive in and stylish with a bit of aggression in it s curves. Although the initial design was sporty and aggressive it was still designed as a street car and comfort was a priority with soft rubber bushings all around to absorb vibration.

Through the years the soft rubber bushings deteriorate after constant flexing and vibration as well as being punished through weathering; this can cause them to tear and may seriously damage your engine and transmission. Megan Racing has developed a Hard-Rubber/Polyurethane motor mounts for the MX-5 Chassis that will fit both the 1.6L and 1.8L powerplants. These reinforced mounts are perfect for the enthusiast who is looking to get the most from their Miata as they will allow more energy to be transfered to the wheels instead of absorbing the energy into the soft rubber.


    These come with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased through Roadster360.

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